Saturday at the Pool

Saturday is what my kids refer to as the “The day” or the “Ultimate Day”. They always look forward for it even at the start of the week and they just can’t wait until its Saturday. What is up with Saturdays by the way? Saturday is the special of day of the week where my family can have some quality time on the pool. Yes, I have waterborne kids. They love every body of water and they feel more alive whenever they are dipping or frolicking in the pool. They also love it even more whenever they learn a new swimming technique from us. Swimming
The kids wake up a little bit early on Saturday Mornings. They see to it that every essentials are packed for their special day at the pool. I got my hands busy in packing the snacks and also my swimming apparel, while my husband waits for the  to come. Both my husband and I are busy bodies and we can no longer afford to clean the windows outside especially when it’s a Saturday. Our kids would get mad if they see us doing something that would delay their trip to the pool.
And so, we got in the car early and head out to the pool while it’s still not crowded. My kids can’t wait to learn the butterfly stroke. I admit this is a really challenging stroke because I get wear out so easily, but I just can’t help it, but give in to the happiness of my kids. So I gave it my best shot anyway. The first thing that I taught them about doing a perfect execution for a Butterfly stoke is, learning how to master their body position. The body position gets you up nicely for learning the next crucial elements. In order to master this, all you have to do is master the arm by making the shape of a Y instead of an H, because this will be the same position that you will use when you go back at the end of the recovery phase. The next basic thing I thought was the pull. One way to do it is by sculling, which feels like you’re grabbing the water in order to propel your body. The last thing that they learned is the trickiest technique called, the Dolphin Kick in order to deliver a perfect execution of the butterfly stroke.

Dolphin Kick
That whole Butterfly Stroke Saturday was a fun and exciting moment for our family. My kids learned the trick the easy way around. Somehow, I feel satisfied to know that I am still fulfilling my role as a mom despite my busy schedule.

Richard Collins

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