Happy Memorial day

Here to wish you a happy memorial day and here is another swimming tip from our Pressure Washing Minneapolis friends.

Every child dreams of being the next Michael Phelps and as a parent you want your child to achieve this dream. The glory that comes with conquering the world on the swimming pool aside, swimming has a multitude of benefits that will help shape the future of your child. To make sure that your children get the best swimming instructions, it helps to enroll them in a good swim school. What factors do you need to take into account to make sure that what your child gets is the very best?

Child safety
First and foremost, you have a duty to ensure that your child is safe. Dubious safety procedures at the swim school are a recipe for disaster and you must ensure that the school has comprehensive safety procedures in operation. Before enrolling the child, visit the school and confirm that the teachers have the required competence, that there is evidence that teachers supervise the learners and that there is a clear list of procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency.

Appropriate facilities
Facilities at the swim school should be adequate and should meet (or exceed) required health standards. Confirm that the school monitors and takes action to ensure that the quality of water is in accordance with established health standards.

Friendly, qualified and safety-conscious instructors
For swimming to become useful to your child, it has to be fun. Having instructors who know their job makes it easier for your child to learn quickly. Assess the friendliness of the instructors by observing how willing they are to answer your questions and how they interact with their pupils. Confirm also that the instructors have valid and current instruction qualifications and that, on top of instructing, the teachers are actively involved in the supervision of the children.

Existence of a clear progression system
The school you choose should have a system in place that recognizes and rewards achievement. Schools will typically have learners at different stages (depending on their ages and skill levels) and once children know where they belong, they get motivated to move to the next stage. They are inspired by older and more experienced learners. A good school should have a rewards system in place – this is what tells the child that their efforts are being recognized. Awarding certificates for each milestone achieved sends the message that the school notices the child’s efforts and also motivates him or her to work even harder.

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